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Cyber Risk & Resilience Summit 2020

August 20, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


The birth of the internet accelerated the growth of businesses. Propelling them beyond geographical boundaries have opened up multiple avenues for organization to connect with their customers, clients and employees. This also opened up various channels for ‘malevolent actors’ to wreak havoc. Over the past few decades, cybercrime has evolved from just hacking websites to worms and Trojans to more complex malware, phishing attacks to evolving into cyber-espionage and cyber warfare. As businesses continue to increase their digital presence, securing the cyberspace has never been of such importance as it is in today’s time. Cyber security now finds itself part of organizational strategy. There is now a shift, in terms of the strategies employed, in terms of the technologies deployed, evolution of law and policies, in terms of the culture that is built within the organization, all revolving around establishing and maintaining a secure cyberspace. With so much happening, keeping abreast with all these changes is critical. As the threat landscape evolves and becomes more complex and dynamic, cyber security professionals find themselves constantly on their toes. Sapphire Connect aims to make it easier for cyber security professionals to be aware of the most recent developments through virtual events, conferences and upcoming webinars in India in 2020. With the launch of The Cyber Risk & Resilience Summit a knowledge sharing platform for cyber security professionals. The summit will host senior cyber security professionals and leaders across industries, sharing their experiences and expertise of how better to secure the cyberspace.

Why Attend

First of all, it being a virtual event, it goes easy on your schedule and time management. The ability to connect and stay connected through numerous devices leaves a substantially large volume of people susceptible to cyber-crimes. These people could be our customers, our employees, our clients it could be our family members, it can anybody; the thought of the consequences itself is quite daunting. It no longer is a conditional statement ‘IF’ rather it’s just matter of time when an incident occurs. However, as daunting as it may, there is a silver lining – Cyber Risk & Resilience Summit aims to achieve just that. Not just another conference to attend, rather Cyber Risk & Resilience Summit is a community of like-minded professionals, learning and growing together. Prepare and arm yourself with the latest know-hows, equip your team and organization with actionable insights, learn of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Be two-steps ahead. Be prepared! Be Resilient!

Key focus areas of the event

  • Dedicated session highlighting the evolutionary change of existing laws and policies.
  • Interactive panel discussion exploring the increasing importance of Zero Trust Security & Cyber Insurance.
  • Learn of the impact the pandemic has had on cyber security and the lessons learnt.
  • Know of how you can strengthen your Incident Response Plan.
  • How has privacy changed in the age of constant connectivity?

Who should attend

  • Director – (Information Security, Cyber Security)
  • President/VP/Head – IT Security, Cyber Security, Information Security
  • Cyber security enthusiasts

Who should sponsor

Organizations offering expertise in cyber security assessment, protection & remediation.

Why sponsor

  • Showcase your latest products to decision makers & influencers
  • Experience multiple networking opportunities with security leaders
  • Network with prospective customers and existing customers
  • Brand recall Pre & Post summit promos
  • Explore new collaborations & opportunities

Date: 20th August 2020

Venue: Virtual Event

Email: cyberrisk@sapphire.artifexedge.com

Website: cyberrisk.sapphireconnect.in

For Sponsorship: +91 9930620842 | +91 9820003568

For Delegates: +91 9167022732 | +91 9987031918

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