About Sapphire Connect

Sapphire Connect is an initiative of Sapphire Human Solutions which is India’s premium retained executive search firm with over a decade of experience in CXO facilitations. Sapphire Human Solutions has now forayed into a space where the expertise and relationship built with the CXO community will lead us to create Industry and function lead destinations encompassing the entire eco-system.

Who we are

Sapphire Connect is a B2B meeting specialist that focuses on creating knowledge sharing and networking platforms through conferences, business meetings, webinars & virtual conferences, bespoke events, research papers and by building business communities. The start of Sapphire Connect is the end result of a decade long effort by the founders in the space of delivering the best in terms of quality and service. Our platforms rotate around the current scenarios and talk about how best to tackle these challenges in the future. We provide and share knowledge with end to end stake holders so that they can take back vital learnings and most importantly EXPERIENCES. Our platforms act as a junction for industry leaders who aim to achieve path breaking courses in their respective fields.

Our Bespoke Platforms aim to create customized solutions in order to meet client objectives by conducting different format of events involving the thought leaders of India along with a very limited and select audience.

It is our intention to further validate and build the content of all our initiatives with the help of experts. The findings of such initiatives will be published as research papers in order to enhance learnings.

Our Business Communities bring together Industry Leaders of the country to absorb new learnings, network and relate with each other and impart knowledge to peers.

Business Ethos

Sapphire Connect aims to create platforms for sharing critical intelligence with rapidly growing sectors across industries and functions in order to generate awareness. We believe in an outcome driven approach which stems through actionable intelligence.

Business Objective

It is our sincere endeavour to build and impart knowledge through our initiatives so that Senior Leaders are better equipped to face future challenges, mitigate risks and take better decisions.

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