How event companies are changing their strategy to be relevant in post Covid-19 world

The world is facing a major challenge in the current scenario because of the novel corona virus. Since March 2020, the nation has witnessed many downhill events which has left severe impacts on a lot of industries

Talking about the event industry in specific, the outdoor entertainment came to a standstill because of the lockdown and other restrictions that helped in controlling the covid situation. But this hardship also proved beneficial for them as it opened doors for new innovative opportunities. We saw everything shifting to an online mode during this time. With advanced technology and internet friendly world, event management companies organized events through the internet.

Virtual events became the highlight of the lockdown phase as conference event management companies pushed many webinars, round table meetings, different activities & more which helped to maintain a pace even when people weren’t allowed to step out of their houses.  Many platforms grabbed eyes with their features that helped conducting live & recorded sessions. The user interface of these platforms are designed in a way to give a realistic experience with everyone being visible on the screen and smooth communication happening throughout.  All of this was made possible by just having a strong internet connection.

Another advantage of organizing the events virtually is that people were able to attend events from the comfort of their homes and the chaos of overcrowding was simply evicted here. Artists started performing live which the audience could enjoy from anywhere. This style of conducting events also allows the sponsor to market the event digitally and new creative ideas were evident.

Its also essential for these event companies to stick to new media for advertisement. During this global pandemic people have started consuming more content on the internet and the social media also witnessed a boom. Therefore these companies should work towards getting more traffic and increasing their viewership while promoting their brand through new innovative techniques.

Geographical barriers are no longer a threat for the industry as the virtual village has given the platform for people to connect anywhere in the world. These companies are now thriving hard to make a global presence for their brand to take the name up & higher. Webinars, conclaves, meetings & more are all possible with participants from various parts of the world.

Since the situation of the pandemic can be seen improving with everything opening up and vaccines being approved, we can see events happening physically as well. It hasn’t stopped the growth for virtual events as they would be relevant for a very long time now. The companies are now making available all the required tools for the in person events. Hygiene and safety are like the most important keywords for outdoor gatherings. Organizers want to make sure that the attendees feel safe & comfortable to participate and visit the venue without the fear of contracting any disease.

The ultimate goal right now is to rise above the challenge at hand & build a system that is fruitful & profitable to the business even during a rough period. The event industry has by far made some exceptional improvements and sustained itself amazingly.

By Rishi Kapoor
Associate Partner & Business Head
Sapphire Connect.

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