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Thought Leaders Of India

July 5, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

One of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.

~ Jean Vanier

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

~ Margaret J. Wheatley



Success stories are not easy to build. Or, write. Or design. They often have a long path of trials, tribulations, dreams, building foundations beneath those dreams, research sagas, fund-sourcing initiatives, failures, rising above failures, retrials, lessons learnt and experiences taken before the destination is achieved. And at Destination Success further lie challenges, crisis, sustainability, upskilling and scalability waiting for additional attention, focus and sharpening of acumen. Those who finally succeed in taking their endeavours to the top of the rung despite the dares and disasters, emerge as Leaders. Leaders who Innovate. Leaders who Inspire. Leaders who create an Impact.

These Leaders are game-changers with an immense body of work behind them that can positively impact the lives and livelihoods of others and help them grow, evolve, learn, prosper and enrich their lives. They are leaders who can, through their experiences and expertise, make a larger impact on businesses, people & professionals, government bodies, educational institutions, NGOs, sports, start-ups, society, and also the nation. These legends are who we call Thought Leaders.

These Thought Leaders have the potential to write newer narratives for India. Because, once they have crafted the success path of their business or endeavour, they can write more success stories – in their personal life, on their professional canvas, in their societal sphere, on the nation’s growth curve and sometimes, on the billboards of international relations. They need a forum, a group of peers, that enables them to extend this idea further – together as a team, as a squad, as a club. As a community.

Thought Leaders of India is one such exclusive community.

Thought Leaders of India

Thought Leaders of India is the nation’s top Leadership Community of exceptional industry leaders across genres, who come together as individuals or representatives of their organisations and give back to society what they earned through discussions, experience-sharing and mentoring, thereby facilitating a huge growth impact. These are Leaders who meet with senior government officers and share insights with them on contemporary issues, share their knowledge with the students by addressing them, mentor start-ups, adopt NGOs for imparting advice, associate with sports bodies to revive or upscale them, and do much more. They, through membership of the Community, bring their individual or collective expertise to add value to various factors and forums through well-crafted networking platforms and meaningful engagements of the Community through the year.

Who then, are these thought leaders who have the potential to positively impact our lives? Who are these sharp game changers who have the acumen to spot the black hole of a society’s development and suggest solutions? Who are these empowered frontrunners who are ready to steal some time from their hectic schedules and devote it towards nation building? And in the process, towards personal enhancement?

These Thought Leaders are the chosen few heads and entrepreneurs from the top rung of Industries, Businesses, Government Bodies, NGOs, Banks, Financial Institutions, Judicial System, Hospitality Industry, Medical Institutions, Entertainment Arena, Architecture Firms, Real Estate Companies, etc., who are not only leading lights in their chosen vocations but also enjoy a position of influence, impression and ingenuity in the corridors of powers-that-be. These Thought Leaders who make an impact are You.

Why create Thought Leaders of India?

After having reached the pinnacle of their profession, Thought Leaders look for meaningful engagements to wind down, network, partake in nation-building initiatives and enjoy peer-based experiences. Also, in the times when disparity and discord has become the bane of life and the governments find it difficult to manage the overwhelming needs and demands of society, the Thought Leaders can make a difference across spectrums of society through advisory, expertise and deliberations with the top decision makers. They can be part of thought forums and help arrive at solutions to mitigate problems. They can do a lot. And they can have immense value added to their personal, professional and family life too with engagements with their peers.

Hence, the Community: Thought Leaders of India.

Patron Members

The Community has some distinguished Patron Members. These are Leaders who have excelled in their personal and professional spheres and set such an irreproachable example of personal, professional and social conduct that most of us aspire to emulate them, to be like them, to learn from them. Lifetime Members of Thought Leaders of India, they are the guiding force of the Community. They will advise, endorse, approve, and guide the Community of Thought Leaders throughout.


The Thought Leaders of India is not an event-driven exercise. It is an engagement community that connects you with your peers, creates an interface with the Patron members, enables engagements with national and international luminaries and decision-makers, facilitates value-added endeavours and helps you derive contentment of finding a purpose and fulfilling it.

Along with your work, family and personal time, Thought Leaders of India adds a fourth quadrant to your life – that of creating an impact through engagements. To facilitate these engagements for you, you are provided with a Personal Concierge.

The Thought Leaders of India:

  • identifies your peers and creates your community.
  • creates engagements for you throughout the year.
  • creates opportunities for you according to your interests.
  • creates meeting platforms with senior Government Officials.
  • creates special entertainment experiences for you.
  • gives you access to ‘only-by-invitation’ events.
  • helps you create an Impact.
  • adds value to your life.

The Perfect Questions

What is in it for me?
Lots. Value. Networking. Prospects for your areas of interest. Meaningful meetings. Occasions to enhance the learning curve. Contentment. Entertainment. Opportunities to give back to society what you received from it. Chance to guide the Leaders of Tomorrow.

How much of my time will it take?
As much as you like and as little as you choose. You will keep receiving engagement opportunities and invitations. You can choose the ones you have time for and opt for the areas you want to make a deep impact in.

Who all can become members?
Thought Leaders of India is a ‘strictly by invitation’ Community of leaders who have arrived. Your membership will have to be endorsed by a Patron Member or any two existing members of the Community.

Is there something more I should know?

  • There will be a minimum of one main engagement per month.
  • Engagements can be merged.
  • The individual engagements for a few members of the community expressing interest in speaking at educational institutions or mentoring a start-up or any such initiative will run parallel.
  • More engagements can be added as per the availability of members, invitees and opportunities.

Who can be Thought Leaders?

  • Chairmen
  • Managing Directors
  • Presidents
  • C-Suite Members of organisations
  • Founders/ Entrepreneurs
  • Directors/ Heads of key functions
  • Foundation/ Institute/ Association/ Chamber Heads
  • Professionals of high repute

Be a part of this august Community

We all need the comfort of our closed communities to relax, network, plan, execute and deliver in various spheres of life. Come, extend a hand to your community. Come, be a part of Thought Leaders of India. And write another success story, a story beyond what you have already penned.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

~ John Quincy Adams


As I acknowledge the boundaries within myself, I am given plenty of opportunities to reinforce them.

~ Renae A SSauter

Email: info@thoughtleadersofindia.in

Phone: + 91 98212 16722


July 5, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm



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