Why town hall & B2B Conferences are even more important post Covid-19

The global pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in the work culture and industries are adapting innovative communication trends. Virtual meetings and conferences have become the most important styles of communicating within the company & outside the company as well.

The industries had to make rapid changes from halting operations during lockdown and then starting remote working. But why exactly are these townhall & B2B conferences beneficial in the post covid world? Town hall meetings refer to the online assembly of the company employees from all branches with their senior members. These meetings have proven to be very engaging for the employees and helped in building a team spirit among them.

Since the world is staying indoors & working remotely, its very essential to keep the employees involved and connected with each other. Conferences in India, have changed their base to online mode where innovative communication patterns are used to keep the energy high for the employees so that they don’t feel a disconnect from their work life. Social interaction is a very important necessity for any human to survive and the lack of in person communication during this time has affected the employees on a mental level. The feeling of being indoors all the time with no physical meetings, the employee is bound to react differently. In order to minimize this affect the employers must be trained to be empathetic towards the staff and acknowledge them for the good work.

These conferences are important in the post covid world because they help to impart the purpose of the company and acknowledge the current adversities. The impact of the pandemic was so severe on various sectors that the leaders & CEOs had to work on their strategy for the coming years to revamp it according to the situation. When a company goes through such major changes in its basic functioning, its possible for the employees to feel insecure about their responsibilities. This is when these virtual meetings come to the rescue to make everyone informed regarding the changes.

Earlier these conferences in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore were very popular but thanks to the technology and the pandemic that helped us to adapt to more digital communications. Now even businesses with a small scale & compact team are also inclining towards these virtual events.

Upcoming conference in India 2021 should focus on employees talking about policy changes they can suggest to the company and encourage them to find a balance between work & personal life to have a healthy mind & body. Companies should organize regular events which would give the platform for more ideas, opinions & inspirational conversations. Virtual set-ups were beneficial during the lockdown & are still going very strong making it the desired style for years ahead. Town hall & B2B conferences were like the need of the hour for every company struggling to connect. There is absolutely no question if they will be relevant in the future because this has already been adapted as ‘the new normal’.

By Rishi Kapoor
Associate Partner & Business Head
Sapphire Connect

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