We are an organization that creates B2B events that tackle future business problems through interactive business meetings & conferences. We feel honored to have been graced by many elite leaders of the business community and are thankful for providing their valuable contribution at our meetings.


The entire experience was very smooth and seamless. IDC had an extremely rich list of panelists. The topics chosen were extremely relevant to the times.

Swati Datye


Head HR – Wholesale & Support, Talent, D&I,Campus, RBL Bank


Thank you for a very well organised and a well conducted event. The pre-event calls, coordination and the clear instructions all indicated a well prepared and thought through event

Vishakha RM


MD & CEO, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Ltd


I appreciate your covering Cognitive Diversity as part of the discussion. In the current context, this subject is of utmost importance for the corporate world more so when working in remote has become a reality now.

Rajendra Mehta


President & CHRO, Welspun India


I must compliment Sapphire Connect team for organizing this conclave which was full of knowledge & future facing. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and I am happy I could reach to thousands due to Sapphire’s initiative.  Team’s co-ordination and preparations were impeccable

Samir Kukade


CHRO & President – Human Capital, Praj Industries


It’s always a great experience being a part of platforms that serve as an influential catalyst to ignite such conversations. The environment at the India Diversity Conclave 2021 did just that, with excellent management and coordination by the team at Sapphire Connect.

Megha Tata


Managing Director, South Asia, Discovery Communications India


Wonderful content and first hand knowledge to those stepping in the boardroom.

Akshay Prasad


Partner, Greater Pacific

Ramesh-Nair (1)

A creative way of bringing the lilke minded tribe together.

Ramesh Nair




It also gave a good forum of likeminded executives to know each other and share views.

Shreeren Gupta


Sr. Vice President (Mafatlal Industries Ltd)


Excellent teamwork. The knowledge sessions were insightful

Sanjay Bhandarkar


Managing Director, N M Rothschild


Looking forward for more such events from Sapphire.

Neeraj Gupta


Managing Director, JP Morgan


It was a wonderful experience to be meet such a rare and powerful community.

Debshankar Mukhopadhyay


CEO, Zee Learn


I really want to thank Sapphire Connect for inviting me to the event. The sessions were really insights full

A Vaideesh


Managing Director, GSK

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