7 Techniques to have a productive round table conference

Round table discussions are the best way to indulge in group conversation to throw light on various topics of interest. The conference helps to elevate different point of views and often provides more than one solution to a given problem or concern. Great communication can happen through these events with the right moderator and participants.

Few techniques that can help in making round table meetings more productive & less chaotic are-

  • Research: Its very essential to study the topic and pay attention to minute details as well in order to have opinions and facts during the round table event. There shouldn’t be a moment where the participant feels clueless about the conversation happening. Therefore researching the topic of the round table discussion is rewarding for everyone.
  • Knowledge about the attendees: After being acquainted with the topic of discussion, you must go through the list of the participants to understand what kind of people are going to be a part of the event. Find out what roles & responsibilities they have, what kind of career graph they posses and other important factors to have a better chance at initiating a conversation.
  • Put together questions: If one has questions in mind, then that can surely help to keep the flow of a conversation very smooth and alive. By asking questions one can prioritize the issues to be taken up by the group for evaluation. Questions help to branch out the topic by focusing on different aspects of a discussion.
  • Be attentive: One must stay attentive throughout the meeting to get a grasp on which participant is active and what are the opinions and comments shared by them. This will help one to stay in the loop while many people will be sharing their share of knowledge.
  • Strong moderator: A good moderator will help to keep the meeting on track despite the group being distracted from the main agenda. Select a moderator who has the knowledge and skills to hold the conference tight. He must be able to guide the participants in the right direction in an organized fashion.
  • Transcribe the meeting: It’s very important to transcribe the result or the conclusions of the round table event. The recorded entry can then be shared with participants to keep them informed and also engage them after the discussion is over. This will also help in planning roadmaps for future conferences.
  • Smart Wrap-up: The final & most important technique is to wrap up the event in a way that no attendee feels out of the loop. Everyone should be informed about what has been concluded and how the things would proceed after the conference. Constant touch must be maintained between people to ease out further procedures.

Such techniques help to give fruitful results from the group meetings and also cancels any hassles caused because of multiple speakers. Sapphire Connect is a renowned name in the B2B industry when it comes to webinars, boardroom meetings and online conferences. Their platforms rotate around the current scenarios and talk about how best to tackle these challenges in the future.

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